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    • Corporate Ad January

    • Laminate Ad April

    • Laminate Ad Plyreporter January

    • Prelam Particle Ad February

    • Silicon Group Holi Ad March

    • Veneer Ad Plyreporter January

    • Veneer Ad Surfaces Reporter April and Plyreporter May

    • Veneer Ad Surfaces Reporter January
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    • Corporate Ad Acetech

    • Corporate Ad Plyreporter February

    • Diwali Ad SP October

    • Laminate Ad Feb

    • Laminate Ad Plyreporter June

    • Laminate Ad Surfaces Reporter April

    • Silicon Group New Year Ad

    • Veneer Ad Acetech

    • Veneer Ad March Surfaces Reporter

    • Veneer Ad Surfaces July

    • Veneer Ad Surfaces Reporter April

    • Veneer Ad Surfaces Reporter September


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Silicon group aims to be India's pioneer manufacturing company exporting to 30 countries.


The team at Sterling Lam has immense potential that is evident in the style of functioning.


What makes SILICON a pride for producers is their 'highly advanced and latest hi-tech machinery'.